Labor Day in Henryetta, OK

What an honor it was to participate in the Labor Day parade in Henryetta, OK again this year! Team Danyell had a blast waving at all the smiling faces and tossing candy at the excited kids running around.

As we enjoy our Labor Day, let us remember why we celebrate. People of all ages, mostly immigrants and the poor, often faced extremely unsafe working conditions, with insufficient access to fresh air, sanitary facilities and breaks. 12hr days 7days/week & barely made a living wage.

Here are a few fun pictures from our day of excitement. After the parade, we sat down for a really great interview/conversation with Tracy Goza of the Henryetta Free-Lance. You should really check them out! It is a great woman operated publication ---> and we really appreciate the time they took to speak with Danyell.

The day ended with a luncheon and fellowship with our sweet friends and supporters. Huge shout out to Tom Taton - The Okmulgee County Democratic Party Chair - Tom ALWAYS looks out for Team Lanier and selflessly helps wherever, whenever, and however he can. We are so very appreciative, Tom - Thank you so very much for your kindness.

Our state chair, Alicia Andrews, gave an inspirational speech about everyone coming together and rallying around our candidates and we had the pleasure of meeting State Senate candidate, Jerry Donathan.


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