Poteau March for Justice displays ‘Caucasian awakening’

Check out this story from Michael Duncan about the Poteau March for Justice where Danyell was a speaker.

"Lanier, a Navy veteran who is black and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, said the Poteau march signals a difference in public attitude toward race and equality in southeastern Oklahoma. But, she said, she is realistic, too.

“I know I’m going to have an uphill battle, being a person of color — an Indigenous Black in rural Oklahoma,” she said. “But it’s time.”

No Black person has ever been elected to a congressional seat in the district."

Danyell had to opportunity to speak at the March for Justice rally.

This beautiful rally for peace was put together in honor of Dr. John Montgomery. When he arrived in Poteau, OK in 1951 to set up his veterinarian practice, he said he considered life in "Little Dixie" a challenge. In 1955, Dr. Montgomery was responsible for Poteau schools being the first in Oklahoma to be integrated.

Here is the beautiful Montgomery family today.

Eventually we were led through the heart of historic Downtown Poteau. As we marched through the streets, it was hard not to draw parallels to the fight Dr. Montgomery led 65 years ago.

Here are some of our favorite signs:

But this one stopped us in our tracks. Unintentionally, Team Lanier is run by women. Women that also happen to be mothers.

Of course with all things in life, there were some that did not agree with what we were doing and we were met with some opposition. Just as it was our right to march, it was theirs to be there too.

I love this powerful shot below.

After we completed the march, everyone met back at the steps of the LeFlore County Courthouse for closing remarks and prayer. During a moment of silence it started to rain and not only was no one bothered by the rain but it seemed to make the moment more powerful. Especially when someone that appeared to only show up to start trouble, joined us in prayer.


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